Italian wedding photographer

Michael Zennaro

Hello, I'm very happy to see you here!

My name is Michael Zennaro and I live in Venice, but I'm not only a Venice wedding photographer, I love to travel so I'm your destination wedding photographer but always based in Venice.

Venice wedding photographer

About me

Beside my love for photography and cinema, I have other 4 loves in my life:

Giada: Giada was the first person who believed in me and she motived me from my first passes on the wedding photography business. She has another point of you from mine and she completes my thoughts.

Food: I love eat and especially the Italian and healthy food. But my favorite one is PIZZA!

Sports: I usually play sport every day. Run or go to the gym is the fuel to start my daily routine.

Fashion: I have a big passion for fashion and design, I love to wear classy outfit and modern outfit as well. My favorite brands are: Gucci and NIKE

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