Lgbtq creative and intimate couple portrait in Venice. Really authentic and beautiful love in Venice. I had honor to photographing this amazing lgtb couple in Venice

Nude, with our bodies touching, we leave everything else outside. Just the two of us, without filters. Happily loving and respecting the couple we are, we are moved by these moments of pure intimacy.

It’s Sunday morning. A glimpse of the early morning light filters through the window, while outside frost is covering nature. Waking up wrapped in a passionate hug seems so simple that we often take it for granted, We are able to appreciate it only when it doesn’t happen.

In September 2019, Mary told Gloria about her desire to live a new experience in Australia. Gloria decided to support her in this new and important adventure, despite not being able to go with her. They superficially said goodbye to each other at the airport, probably not aware of the distance and the time that would have divided them.

After Mary’s departure, they started realizing that distance made them feel incomplete. They celebrated Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays through a screen and without the warmth of a hug.

And was exactly this lack of contact and closeness that brought Gloria to leave for Australia and reach Mary. At the beginning, their emotions were so strong that everything seemed strange, almost as if they didn’t know each other, but their love was so strong that they understood they wanted to wake up together, in a warm hug, every morning of their life.