Mauro Vianello: The secret of Murano glass

Mauro Vianello is one of the most famous lampwork artist i Venice.
Mauro is a glass artisan specialiseid in sea creatures. He was born in Murano, a small island in the Venice lagoon famous for its long tradition of glassmaking, and he grew up spending most of his time sailing around the lagoon on his boat. He spent all time in close contact with water and the nature of this particular ecosystem led him to become fascinated by marine life and its creatures.


2012Flame on Oosterhout – Public demoNetherlands2013

“Lifeforms!” – Pittsburgh Glass Center’s Hodge Gallery Glass Biological Model Exhibition – Pittsburgh, U.S.A.2015

Plombières-les-Bains festival international di verre au chalumeau – France2015

Il vetro a lume del XXI Secolo – Esposizione pubblica collettiva – Murano, Venice (Italy)2016

The glass masters’ nativity – Discalced Carmelite Church – Public exhibition – Venice (Italy)2016

Festival delle regioni – Public Demo – Mogliano Veneto, Venice (Italy)2016

GlassLifeForm – Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.2016

Corning Museum of Glass, NY Cedar Arts Center – Corning, NY, U.S.A.2016

Museo del vetro di Murano – Personal Exhibition – Murano (Venice), Italy2016

Murano oggi – Le eccellenze del vetro contemporaneo, Museo del Vetro di Murano – Murano (Venice), Italy2016

Berengo Studio presents Mauro Vianello. Intersect Chicago art fair – Chicago, IL, U.S.A.2017

“Playing with sea inhabitants”, Pittsburgh Glass Centre – Course Teacher – Murano (Venice), Italy2017

3ème Festival international di verre au chalumeau – Remiremont Palais des Congrès – Public Demo – Remiremont, France2017

“Il mondo in una perla”, Museo del vetro di Murano – Murano (Venice), Italy2017

Natural History Museum of Venice – Personal Exhibition – Venice, Italy2017

“Festival Delle Regioni” – Public Demo – Mogliano Veneto (Venice), Italy2018

Scuola Grande di San Marco – Collective public exhibition – Venice – Italy2018

45th annual GAS conference – Public Demo – Murano (Venice), Italy2018

“Esibizione Pubbliche Acquisizioni”, Museo del vetro di Murano – Artwork Exhibited Permanently – Murano (Venice), Italy2018

Glass Festival – Drysdale Victoria Australia – Personal Exhibition + Course Teacher – Drysdale (Victoria), Australia2018

International Lampwork Glass Art Festival – Public Demo, Public Lectures and Personal Exhibition – Hejian, China2018

Taoxichuan Studio – Public Demo – Jingdezhen, China2018

“Rosewood” – Public Demo – Castiglion del Bosco, Italy2018

Natural History Museum of Venice – Personal Exhibition – Venice, Italy2019

“Il vetro a lume: dettagli impercettibili in piccoli capolavori artistici”, During The Venice Glass Week at M9 Museum of Venice – Public Demo – Venice, Italy2019

“Reflection”, Denizli Turchia Bienali international – Public Demo – Denizli, Turkey2019

Natural History Museum of Venice – Personal Exhibition – Venice, Italy2020

Natural History Museum of Venice – Personal Exhibition – Venice, Italy2021

Fuller Museum – Collective public exhibition – Brockton, MA U.S.A.